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Spy Mobile Phone Software for Android

Android Tracking & Monitoring Software

Code No:-SS1101

Price:- 20,000/-

Product Details:-

Do you want to monitor your children or employees? Yes, it has become possible and even much easier with the efforts of Security Products who has introduced a new innovation in the form of this spy mobile phone software for Android which can provide you the best Android tracking as well as monitoring feature. You have everything in your own hands now as you can now easily get access to all the details of a cell phone including all its features whether it is about the basic details such as the call list or the advanced details such as the browsing history, downloading history, and much more. You can now access the social media accounts of the targeted person even when you are not aware of the passwords. Nothing will get missed or untouched. There are no chances to drop any single detail of the targeted cell phone when you are using such mobile phone software tracker for Android. Doesn’t matter whether it is about your spouse/partner or your kids, or even your employees; you can now easily track all of them by their Android Smartphone as the Smartphone has now become one of the most important necessities for each and every single person.

Children are now more active and aware than the parents and they are sensitive too and thus it has become very much important to guide them in a friendly manner if they are moving towards any wrong track or doing any of the doubtful activities. This application software which will help you prove that parents are the parents as you can then easily find out the activities going on in the personal life of your child and to understand what he/she actually feels. This is an upgraded version of mobile app monitoring software for Android which is perfectly and completely compatible with all brands including the Samsung Galaxy, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei or any kind of Android devices. It is undetectable app software which can really help parents in improving the lives of their children. Why are you thinking too much? Don’t you want to secure your own children from such wrong activities which can even ruin their entire life? Yes? Simply buy the mobile app spy software for Android online from us at Security Products and just ensure the safety and security of all your loved ones on your own.

Some amazing notable things:-

- Battery of the cell phone doesn't drain
- Mobile phone doesn't heat
- Very easy to install

Android OS Compatibility:-

The application is compatible with Android OS 2.3+ up to Android OS 5.1.


The user can track following details
- Phone calls
- Browser History [Clickable Page URL, Date & Time]
- Location Information [Provider (GPS, Network), Longitude & Latitude, Street Address, Date & Time, Google Maps Image w/ Marker]
- Uninstall Protection
- Applications
- Info-on-Email

Premium Features:-

- Enable/Disable Mobile Data on the device
- Enable/Disable Location
- Report Last Known Location
- Force Location Update
- Enable/Disable Wi-Fi

Accessibility Features:-

- Gmail
- Facebook
- WhatsApp
- Chaton
- Viber
- Skype